While I realize I've already posted a few of my goals for 2016, I never had a chance to share our Christmas photos! It's never too late, right?!?


Christmas Eve. This mama admitted what she really wanted for Christmas was the book Brooklyn after realizing that husband had not picked up on any hints. So instead of being upset, she pointed out a 25% off coupon and to the store we went! It was fun because we stopped for a treat that included Cheesecake Factory egg nog cheesecake. Henry showed us for the first time in the photo above that he could drink out of a straw! We were thrilled as it was something really BIG to check off his milestone list. We couldn't stop laughing though because who doesn't love a good vanilla bean frap? :)


Back at home, we let Henry choose one gift to open and chose this one from his secret Santa. It was a toy ambulance and it's now his favorite! He kept showing it to my family when we skyped with them later that evening. 


When you're seven plus months pregnant, you keep traditions at a minimum. We did Henry's favorite thing, which was watch Christmas Eve on Sesame Street for the 1,657th time and ate fettucini. We also continued our tradition of singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eating cupcakes. Henry loved it. 


All is calm, all is bright. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!