We didn't have the money to have the big Pinterest party I was dreaming in my head. However, Kevin persisted that we had enough to have a simple party at home. He was right and I'm glad that he persisted because it was just what we needed and Henry loved it to pieces. Easter dinner, cake, a few friends, a special gift from mom and dad, does it get any better? I think not. 

Henry loved it and was so exhausted and asleep long before the last guest left.

We were all dressed up in our Easter best. The funniest part about getting Easter dinner is that we ordered our ham through Whole Foods. I put the suggested amount for six adults (we had eight plus kids), thinking that would be plenty since Kevin and I don't eat much meat. We ended up with THREE whole hams! I don't know what living six adults will eat three whole hams let alone eight. Thank goodness we know a lot of people because we shared every last piece of ham. 

Who says little boys can't wear pink?!?

For the cake, I stuck with a simple box cake mix and took the advice to put toys on top. Guess who was excited to see the gang all there? The birthday boy himself, of course. :) 


The cutest boys in Harlem. :) This picture really shows their personality.


Happy birthday to my baby boy! Words cannot express how much I love you. 

Hats off to a magical first birthday! Special thanks to Kevin for making this party happen. Henry and I love you so much!