Next up on the Christmas Gift Guide, is four things for lovable, energetic, take up all your time toddlers. These are the years that Christmas is magical whether it's big or small. Truly, they would even just love a big box to play in. :) Here's a few of my favorites that I'll be putting under the tree for my Henry. 


Night Baby Sleeper- hands down these are the softest pajamas for toddlers and they actually last longer than you'll need them. Plus, they're on sale right now!

Charlie Brown Sweatshirt- because who doesn't love the peanuts gang?

Best suited- for the times you want them to look absolutely adorable at church.

Precious In Ponte- She'll be the star of the show. Perfect for pictures by the tree. 


Little People Farm- every time we go down the toy aisle at any store, Henry always finds this one. There's something about animals and the sounds they make. But trust me, this one won't drive you up a wall after hearing it a million times a day. 

NYC Subway Car- You know you're raising a city kid when their favorite thing to do is get on and off the subway. Especially when it's the C train because it means you're taking them to Gymboree to play. :)

Kids Apron- for real and pretend baking.

Teepee- because what toddler wouldn't love playing pretend camping or reading in tent like this? 


Play table- Every home needs a sturdy kids table to play, learn and eat. This one is an investment, but I promise it's a smart choice as children will use this all through their childhood. 

Miracle 360 Trainer Cup- You may laugh, but it's true-- I don't know of a toddler who doesn't need a new sippy cup! These are great because it trains them to eventually drink out of glasses.

Adorable Winnie the Pooh Quotes- to hang up in their nursery.

First Baby Doll- Mama is going to have a baby so it's smart to prep the youngest by letting them play with their own baby.


What Do You Do With An Idea- a book to keep their creative juices flowing and be inspired.

I Love You Through and Through- I have this book memorized by heart. It's our favorite bedtime story as you remind your little one just how much you love them!

Don't Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late- A silly bedtime book that will help your little one realize it's time for bed.

Pajama Time- You can never go wrong with a fun Sandra Boynton book. :)

All toddlers really want (besides a giant box to climb on) is your PRESENCE NOT PRESENTS. Make sure you take the time to actually BE THERE and not behind the camera or busy in the kitchen.