First up in the Four Things for Christmas Gift Guide is for all the busy mamas. This list is ALL about her and nothing to do with the kids. Christmas is a good time to spoil her and say thanks for all the hard work she's been doing and the late nights she's up with the kids. It's her moment to feel loved and be pampered a little. 


Sweatshirt from Emi Jay- because sometimes, she'll just need to stay in bed.

Broiled Wool Sweater Coat- something cozy and pretty to wear outside during the winter. 

Fairisle Sweater Leggings- for the cold days spent chasing around the littles. 

Keep Collective Bracelet- pick out charms that mean something, maybe your kids initials, your anniversary, or even her favorite phrase. She'll love that you thought of her.


Fujifilm Instax- for the moments she'll want to remember and have actual pictures to show.

  She Will Find What Is Lost Print- A reminder that on a hard day, angels are near and cheering her on.

Brie Baker Set- Need I say more? There's nothing better than warm baked brie fresh from the oven on a wintery day.

A Gift Subscription to Mommy Mailbox- have them send her perfect little surprises all year long. You're then set for every month to remind her how much love you her.


Colorful Knives- let's face it, every kitchen could use a new pair of colorful sharp knives to up its dinner game.

Raised Bloom Pie Pan- for the mama who loves to bake and have beautiful dishes. It's a win-win.

Kitchen Aid Mixer- this is a must if she doesn't already have one. So many ways to use it and so many attachments to make her life in the kitchen that much easier. 

Rosette Quilt- because that time in bed needs to be an oasis, simply beautiful and comfortable.


Hey Natalie Jean- a book by her favorite blogger about life in general.

 Brooklyn- recently made into a movie, about one woman's journey from Ireland to America.

Book of Mormon Study Guide- not really a book, but will help her in her goals to study the scriptures more often and motivate herself to read in the few minutes she has free.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.54.03 PM.png

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Dinnertime- quick recipes that she'll love making and everyone's stomach (including your own) will thank you for it. 

But really what all mamas really want is TIME. Time to take an extra nap, get her hair done, a planned date night out, --you'll think of something amazing. :)