Henry's first snowfall from this past November. 

Henry's first snowfall from this past November. 

I'm laughing to myself as I type the title because I would normally title this as Weekend Reads or something similar. But with so many of us hunkering down, I thought you might be looking for a little extra something to pass the time. So stay warm in your pjs all day, grab a cup of cocoa and take a moment to enjoy some articles around the web. :)

Here's how New York looked 68 years ago when it snowed 26.4 inches. We're expected to get almost 30!

Nutella Hot Chocolate. Enough said. 

Why you should keep some form of a journal (or start one). Whether it be a blog or a diary, writing can be a good outlet. It's possible to write your way to happiness

I think it's hard to know what your talent and calling is in life. This woman shares her story on finding and sharing her passion of dance. How generous are you willing to be? 

The truth on SAHDs. Yes, stay-at-home-dads

"Behind every successful kid is a mother who's pretty sure she's screwing up."

Important questions to ask your child to help make them happier.  

The funniest new kids' book. Dada is most definitely going to be Henry's first word. 

Need more? Snowed In? Here’s What to Watch, Read or Listen To

Stay cozy and inside! Soak in those extra quiet moments before the rush of world comes back and we all feel like we need to catch up.