The other night, we celebrated my cousin's birthday and it had me thinking about how I'm turning 30 this year. That's right 30. Gulp.

In many cases, I've accomplished more than I could have imagined (like getting a Master's Degree) and then in other cases, I haven't accomplished nearly enough (such as traveling, career).

But one thing that I still struggle with is this: focusing on one thing. Do you have this problem? It's hard for me to figure out, then focus on, the main priority. I am person who loves to multitask and to have multiple windows open on my browser all at once. It would drive some of you crazy, I know. 

The only thing that seems to stick is choosing one little word to focus on for the year. Last year's word was STRONG. It was a good word as I would need to be strong as I welcomed the New Year with a visit to the emergency room. Later, I would need to be strong as we welcomed our son with an emergency C-section, face the fact that I had traces of breast cancer and then move to a big new city. I learned the meaning of strong in ways I never thought possible and learned how to be strong for others. 

On the funny side, I did learn how to be strong carrying my heavy baby up and down the subway stairs and pushing his stroller all over New York City. :) 

This year's word is BRAVE. I'm currently not very brave when it comes to trying new things. I like my norms and stick to them. But my world is about to be completely shaken up once again. 

I need to find a job and have an interview this week, which means leaving Henry at home with Kevin or a nanny. It's going to be hard going from lullabies and Sesame Street to work meetings and deadlines. I have be brave enough to go back into the world I left to raise my baby. I somehow imagine that the New York job market and expectations will be completely different from what I learned in Philly.