When I was in Junior High, a favorite teacher of mine would say, "You are great, wonderful and noble," to me every single day. The first time it caught me off guard. "I'm not great, wonderful or noble," I thought to myself. I avoided being greeted (both hellos and goodbyes) by this teacher, because I didn't want him to say it to me when it wasn't true.

Some time later, I finally asked him why he said this to every student. It didn't matter if the student came from a family with a lot of money or if the student was being a rebellious teenager. We always heard, "You're great, wonderful and noble." 

This teacher said it was because even if we aren't right now, we had the ability to grow into being great, wonderful and noble as long as we believed we could be. 

No matter where you are in life at this point, please remember, you are great, wonderful and noble. You have the ability to be this despite any circumstance.