I haven't blogged in a long time.

If you know me well (and some of you do), this is very out of the ordinary.

At the same time, you might say that I had an excuse.

I had a baby, a complicated recovery and surgery again, and I have slowly been returning to feeling somewhat normal. Throw in two moves in one year, being super pregnant for the first and having a fairly new baby for the second. It's amazing that I survived at all. Oh, and not to mention that the second move was to one of the biggest, most expensive cities in the world. It's been a whirlwind getting settled in.

The truth is, I lost my joy of blogging. I felt that I wasn't good enough. I didn't have enough time, money, craft projects to make or events to attend. Life didn't feel glamourous enough to blog, so I left to take some time. I dearly missed my creative space.

I let jealousy creep in. It was not a good feeling.

I recently read this post from PJ Feinstein about how she was feeling jealous. She asked other bloggers about what they do when they feel jealous. I loved this advice from Koseli Cummings

"When I'm feeling bogged down, I delete all social media apps that are contributing to me feeling ungrateful, jealous, or bugged. I take a break. I think we sometimes forget that it's our choice what and how often we share. If we're annoyed by Facebook, deactivate. If there's a blogger who bugs, unfollow. If you're feeling fake-busy by Instagram, delete it. If you're sick of blogging, stop blogging." 

I, personally, learned to leave social media off when needed and then refocus on what matters most-- my happy baby, my family. Those two things are the most important and always will be. 

From my time away, I now bring you a better Happy Joyful Day. I'm walking away from fake posts back to why I started blogging so many years ago: to find joy. 

Cheers to a new chapter of the journey to find joy everyday!