Friday, February 28, 2014

His and Hers linkup

It's been way too long since Kevin and I wrote a post together. Depending on how long you've followed our journey you may remember that he actually had a day of blogging to himself each week (my favorites are here and here). But then time of course escaped us and I haven't been journaling on this space as much as I would like to be. Having both of us blog what we're feeling right now, has reminded me to live in the moment! Kevin says he wants to start having his own day again, so it won't be the last time you hear from him! :)

His thoughts:

I am an engineer at heart (and I always will be).
I want to live in the same place for more than a year.
I have everything I need.
I wish I had more opportunities to read.
I hate riding a bike into a cold wind.
I fear getting stuck.
I hear humanity in a cacophony of urban voices.
I search for meaning.
I wonder about the stars.
I regret eating greasy Mexican food (but I do it anyway).
I love exploring new things.
I ache when I eat ice cream too quickly (it hurts).
I always keep up with the news.
I usually look for the good in people.
I never start a book without finishing it.
I rarely leave room for dessert (I usually have to come back later).
I am not always as confident as I appear to be.
I lose track of time (often).
I'm confused when people willfully ignore reason.
I should run the marathon I started training for a year and a half ago.

Her thoughts: (with a side of pregnancy cravings!)

I am about to become a mom in a little over a month (counting down the days)!
I want to be a great mom and settle down somewhere.
I have large cravings for mac and cheese.
I wish I didn't have to quit my job but it's for the best. 
I hate this winter weather, it has snowed so much in Philly.
I fear that I won't be enough.
I hear that we're supposed to get another storm in on Monday (boo).
I search for anything inspirational.
I wonder where life will take me.
I regret not exploring more while we've lived in Center City. 
I love to shop and plan on doing lots of it this weekend.
I ache in my shoulders.
I always love to read good books and am getting ready to read a few.
I usually want to eat ice cream unless it's 20 degrees outside.
I never miss an episode of Downton Abbey.
I rarely eat broccoli unless it's covered in cheese.
I am not always on time.
I lose memory cards for my camera (not so good).
I'm confused when Kevin starts talking about engineering. 
I should go shopping tomorrow for baby stuff that I need.

Ha! I love our honesty and makes me laugh because it really shows what we're going through right now.


P.S. We actually graduated college together and did a His and Hers announcement. Here's our first His and Hers post. It's still always better together!

Now it's your turn! 


  1. You both have food on the brain! Must go with that baby! haha!

  2. I love the honesty too! That's a beautiful photo!

  3. This was too cute ! :) "a side of pregnancy cravings!"


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