We're out sick. If you come to visit, it will be the saddest sight you'll ever see. It's hard when a baby is congested and they don't know what's wrong. Everything is just a little harder than usual and on top of being sick, the teething continues. So please excuse us while we're sick and needing extra cuddles. Let's hope we'll be back next week to share our latest adventures!  



When I was in Junior High, a favorite teacher of mine would say, "You are great, wonderful and noble," to me every single day. The first time it caught me off guard. "I'm not great, wonderful or noble," I thought to myself. I avoided being greeted (both hellos and goodbyes) by this teacher, because I didn't want him to say it to me when it wasn't true.

Some time later, I finally asked him why he said this to every student. It didn't matter if the student came from a family with a lot of money or if the student was being a rebellious teenager. We always heard, "You're great, wonderful and noble." 

This teacher said it was because even if we aren't right now, we had the ability to grow into being great, wonderful and noble as long as we believed we could be. 

No matter where you are in life at this point, please remember, you are great, wonderful and noble. You have the ability to be this despite any circumstance.  


‘Sometimes,’ said Pooh, ‘the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.
— A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

I'm asking myself, "Where did the time go?" Our Henry is now seven months old today!

He looks so grown up in these photos. 

I'll admit six months happened to be my favorite with smiles as big as Texas and a willingness to learn everything and anything. SO MUCH JOY.


Henry's favorites now include taking off our left sock and eating it to being in a swing at any park. Favorite food? Anything that mommy and daddy are eating that Henry can chew and swallow. Forget that baby stuff in a jar. Henry wants the real deal. He's now scooting along everywhere and love jumping in our jumper and on mommy and daddy's bed. Even baths are more fun and he'll splish and splash as long as mommy will let us. Only one problem, he's not quite sleeping through the night yet. Still partying at 3 AM and it's BYOB at Henry's crib. Time for someone to have a curfew.  

Warm fall days are magical in New York and have only added to his happiness. 

Super baby! Or fist bump. Take your pick.

Super baby! Or fist bump. Take your pick.

This is my, I'm strong look!

This is my, I'm strong look!

I'm flying!!!

I'm flying!!!


Oh, Henry. You are so much fun, and New York looks good on you. 


Tomorrow, Henry turns seven months old, and I can't believe the time that has escaped. Since I'm still waist high in boxes, it's nice to look at these and remember that I should take my time and enjoy the little things. Tomorrow, my baby will only wake up one day older. There's no need to rush.


I love my men. I can barely believe that my Henry was once that tiny. 

(Photos by Euphoria Photography for Happy Joyful Day)